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i wanna do one cause i have zero points

gonna be expensive tho

anyone up for it? 

1 character for 500 points and 2 characters for 1k

i did tell u it'll be expensive

if ur not interested at least spread the word pretty please? shipping is also fine but no nsfw

(this is super long btw)

i am a sasusakunaru shipper and i had some serious issues with the way naruto ended, without letting my shipping bias come into it

  1. why was all of sasuke’s shit pardoned so easily
  2. where is he going
  3. how did naruto get over sakura
  4. how did he fall in love with hinata
  5. why did naruto and sakura not interact at all in 699-700
  6. why did naruto and sasuke have such little interaction
  7. where the fuck is yamato
  8. when did sasuke come back
  9. when did naruto become hokage
  10. why did kakashi quit being hokage
  12. what was everyone’s reaction to sasuke being back
  13. why did tsunade give up being the 5th
  14. how did chouji and karui meet
  15. why is everyone unnecessarily paired up
  16. what’s with the weirdass names
  17. why is naruto and sakura’s friendship not addressed
  18. what the fuck is sasuke doing in the woods
  19. where did sasuke even go after 699
  20. is he still ‘traveling’ or???
  21. what happened to all the foreshadowing in the early chapters why is there no resolution
  22. did sakura ever find out about sasuke’s past
  23. did she ever find out that it was naruto who showed up as sasuke that time

and actually i can let go of all these plotholes except the things relating to team 7. there was a love triangle for a reason. There was naruto loving sakura and sakura loving sasuke for a reason. It wasn’t there for nothing okay it was there for something and that something wasn’t resolved. We never got to see naruto accept sakura’s feelings for sasuke. We never got to see sasuke actually reciprocate sakura’s feelings – yes we got to see him showing that he cared; all throughout part 1, the reunion in part 2, the way he thought about team 7 – NOT just naruto – and those moments of hesitation before shooting her down here and there in part 2, the forehead tap, the apology – there were a lot of hints but there was nothing to blatantly state that sasuke reciprocated sakura’s feelings. Shippers saw them obviously, but I understand people who say he didn’t care, because it was so so subtle.

But anyway I want sasuke to show that he cares about sakura with more than just a poke on the forehead which is yes significant to both of them but neither of them know why it’s significant to the other. Maybe sasuke knows about the complex she had but she never said it out loud so I don’t think either of them know. I want naruto to be the best friend he is and support their feelings, despite having to shoot his own down – which is questionable still, because we never really addressed naruto’s feelings towards the end, since the war started. It was only gag stuff, like when he called her his girlfriend? By the end, I feel his feelings changed, but idk it was never addressed so we never know

I want so much more from team 7 this whole manga was so much more about friendship than it was about love and I want them to address that friendship I want them to resolve that I want them to hug and laugh and be together again team 7 is what made me happy team 7 is what made me believe in myself and so much more, I cant just accept this half assed ending

The fight between kaguya was completely unnecessary, the fight between madara stretched out waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, it could have been resolved earlier and we could have gotten like 10+ chapters to resolve all these issues

idk like 699 was perfect, despite the lack of attention the other issues got, it had an open ending and there would have been no death threats and hate and all of that crap all the fandoms could have been happy and I mean 700 was fine I guess I like it but there were so many other things that Kishi could have focused on instead of their children and the unnecessary pairing up

I mean personally, by the end of the series, I didn’t feel threatened by narusaku at all, it was just pushed to the sidelines, it was just sasuke/karin moments (don’t even get me started on sasukarin that ship makes no fucking sense and I will never understand how people consider it true love but whatever that’s not the point here) and there were sakura’s feelings addressed, and they were, throughout the manga, directed at sasuke. I mean even by the end, I thought she could have been with naruto, she could have gotten with him ages ago if she wanted, but she just didn’t want, and so she wasn’t with naruto. I think it was that time with the medic nin when sakura thought about sasuke that I realized narusaku wouldn’t ever be endgame.

There was shitloads of development between them – their interaction was shown the most in the series, despite sasuke/naruto being the most important bond – and the development, nobody can deny it existed. But sakura just blatantly rejected any advances made in her direction, all for sasuke and I realized that given all the weird form of caring sasuke had for her, that was shown in intense snippets, sasusaku would be endgame for sure. And I mean, considering I ship that as well, I’m happy about it, I am. I am super happy but…it’s not satisfying. I knew it would be an ss ending but the way it happened…

The forehead poke was a beautiful moment but the way 700 was done was dumb. Like really, it was just a slapped on label like “married” but we don’t know how??? we don’t know when??? We don’t know shit about what happened between 699 and 700 and considering the changes between those 2 chapters, I’m really angry because we’re definitely missing out a LOT of info that I know the movie wont be able to cover.

Idk man I’m angry about the dumb way narusaku had no closure I’m angry about the way sasusaku just happened in an out of the blue but not really way I’m super duper angry about naruhina because where the fuck did that come from makes no sense plus I hate Hinata and I don’t think she’s good enough for naruto at ALL but

What really pisses me off is the lack of resolution between team 7

This whole manga was about their friendship. It was entirely about their bonds – yes, most importantly sasuke/naruto bond but altogether team 7 bond as well. And the way it was just ditched for sasusaku makes me really angry man like I love sasusaku I do but what about naruto/sakura bond???? Why wasn’t that given any time???? What about the team bond??? Including with Kakashi????? Team 7 means everything to me – it means more to me than any of my otps – and it hurts me so much that it was just pushed to the sidelines like that.

I’m ecstatic about the sasusaku being canon but it could have been canon in a so much more better way, WITH the resolution of the team 7 bonds, and with narusaku closure because YOU CANNOT JUST ASSUME THAT WE WILL ASSUME HE GOT OVER A GIRL HE WAS IN LOVE WITH FOR SO LONG, WE NEED BLATANT ADDRESSION, and I cannot accept this ending. 699 has the essence of a real ending, 700 does not, and I’m really disappointed about that.

i knew it
7 years of faith and pain and angst
i knew it would be worth it
i knew i wouldnt be let down
i knew this ship would be canon i KNEW IT

i mean i just
have this intuition about manga/anime and somehow everything i predict is what happens
i called like half the shit in free es
i called the haikyuu match turnouts
i call a lot of shit and it happens
i called sasusaku
i called it when i was reading part 1

i knew i wouldnt be let down i knew it
but that aside

i cant believe its over
my childhood
its over
it's done
there's no more naruto thursdays
my tears have dried up i'm crying but no tears are coming out

i'm so upset and so disappointed and so happy??????????
idk what to feel man i know what i feel but idk how to put it in words there are so many emotions

i scanon

what the fuck kind of name is salad
i'm sorry i just had to

in other news i'm not sure i can take the end i will probably be dead for like a week
well not REQUESTS exactly but somewhat idk

so i have second, third and fifth period free everyday at school and i have designated second period to studying but i also have third and fifth and i dont want to study for so long so i draw so i have decided that i shall practice my drawing skills by drawing things that i am not used to drawing

like, i was looking through my sketchbook and i realized that all i draw anymore is bust shots of girls with long straight hair and fringes, and sometimes otps but since i'm trying to keep away from yaoi (for reasons, dont ask) i won't draw those which leaves me with GIRLS WITH STRAIGHT HAIR AND FRINGES and its really annoying so i want to have more things to draw


which is why you will all give me things you want me to draw (and please keep a variety like, give me animals, give me places, give me objects, don't JUST give me your ocs!!!!!!) and i will try my best to draw them

some things to know tho:

-no nudity please, for god's sake. that means i wont draw girls (or boys...) in bikinis or midriff showing tops btw sorry sorry
-cuteness is much appreciated the cuter smth is the more likely i am to wanna draw it
-it will all be traditional but you will get a good quality pic. it'll also be shaded, but no colours.
-straight ships and platonic things are fine
-no baras and no old people tho i have no clue how to draw either of those

spread the word, i want a lot of variety!!! i get super bored!!!! 55 minutes per period!!!!!

i cant guarantee that i will do all, but i will try!!!!!

in other news: i am stressed and i love my best friend

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